When did you last fly with a low-cost airline? The likes of Easyjet, Ryanair, Norwegian and Wizzair now criss-cross the skies of Europe and beyond offering a particular level of service at a potentially very good price.

If you really want to get the best prices then you need to go cabin-baggage only, and not have any expectation of choosing your preferred seat, or jumping the queue at boarding time. Opting for all these extras can make your ticket as expensive as any regular carrier, but you will still have to pay for refreshments on board.

So, learn to travel light and compact, and you can easily get to many amazing destinations on a budget. Personally, I can do up to 5 days on a standard cabin-size bag (55×40×25), but then I don’t need 5 pairs of shoes and three handbags! Be careful though as Wizzair’s free cabin-bag size is a measly 3-days only!

Managing to get the cheapest flight is not the only consideration; you also need to transfer from your chosen arrival airport.  However, wherever you land, don’t be distracted by coach and taxi services: most airports will have local bus service or metro routes which may take a few minutes longer, but will be a fraction of the cost. You also have to remember that some airlines, for example Ryanair, have a habit of going to remote airports which can make transfers a bit costly.

Finally, there are great AirBNB offers out there. It is so easy to book, and you will end up in some amazing locations. This year I have stayed in a French-styled, city centre apartment in Buenos Aires, a lakeside apartment in Denmark, with a beautiful castle just outside the window and a suburban apartment walking distance from Bucharest city centre.


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