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During a recent trip to Sweden my 10-year old Antler small 3-day suitcase died after getting lame with a broken wheel on the streets of Vasteras. It had done a lot of miles and was due for retirement, but it was such a good bag I was loathe to send it to the back of the wardrobe one last time. Not only that, having had my eye open for a replacement for some time, I was not having much luck in find anything that could live up to my experience and expectations!

Anyway, it going lame did force my hand,  so during a three week sojourn back in UK, I got down to researching. I do travel light, and will always take the smallest amount/size of luggage I can get away with, so now I needed a three day, small cabin-size bag, that could also take my laptop comfortably.

There are lots of small cabin bags available on the market,  but most are either for clothes or laptop/office, so my stringent requirements did not find an easy match. Oh, and I did not really want to spend a small mortgage either….

After much deliberation, I came across a recommendation for a small UK company that specialises in business luggage: Gate8. Their various offerings included a small case with removable laptop/office bag, and was exactly the same size as my old Antler. After a quick email to them I received an almost immediate response from Alistair (Chief Bag Carrier), which so impressed me by the speed and obvious sense of humour that I bit the bullet and ordered immediately.

Now, here I am today and we are on our first outing together, and I am already settling down and expecting a long and happy relationship. I managed to fill it with all that I anticipated and need, and despite being well laden it rolls as smooth as you like.

Thanks to the team at Gate8………great product.

(And finally, just to clarify, no, I have not been prompted in any way to write a positive review.)


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