To Bump or Not To Bump?

I am not sure if that is the correct and current terminology nowadays, but when I worked in the airline world twenty-five years ago, to be bumped meant to be denied boarding because the flight was overbooked.  Of course this … Continue reading →

Travelling Lo-Cost

When did you last fly with a low-cost airline? The likes of Easyjet, Ryanair, Norwegian and Wizzair now criss-cross the skies of Europe and beyond offering a particular level of service at a potentially very good price. If you really … Continue reading →


I am sat on Copenhagen airport. Next row of seats there is an American talking to her neighbour. When asked how long the journey home was she replied, “thirteen hours.” Then she added, “by plane.”, with a slight wave of … Continue reading →

The Joy of Home

You know when you go on holiday, you always remark on return how nice it is to be back in your own bed. This is probably true the world over: the familiarity of your own pillows, the smell of your … Continue reading →

Buenos Aires 

It’s Saturday, it’s Copenhagen airport and it’s another flight to South America. Actually it was a short flight to Frankfurt first, and then thirteen hours in Premium Economy to arrive Buenos Aires at 7am on a wet, cold, Sunday morning.  … Continue reading →

Oooh! New Bag…

During a recent trip to Sweden my 10-year old Antler small 3-day suitcase died after getting lame with a broken wheel on the streets of Vasteras. It had done a lot of miles and was due for retirement, but it … Continue reading →