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view2What’s not to like when you can work at your desk in spring with a view as good as this?  What you cannot see in the image are the swifts feeding out on the wing, and the sound of birdsong from all directions.

OK, so paradise might be stretching the point a little, but it really is a beautiful day here in Pernik.  Friends here tell me it has been pretty bad through April/May so far with a lot of rain, but now I am here it is picking up.  I claim no direct link with the changed forecast, but am happy to benefit.

view3However, the problem with travelling and being away from home so much is that the grass grows whilst I am away.  Worse still, between Easter and June with all the rain it really does grow quickly.  I last cut the grass at the house on 7th April, and now after six weeks it is 4 feet high!

So, today’s job is to take the brush-cutter and hack it back to the point I can run a lawnmower over it. There are those who pay a lot of money for gym membership, but this workout is for free…..

….lucky me!





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